Robin Hood Fact or Fiction? Did He Exist or is He a Folklore Legend?

When you think of Robin Hood, it is often in connection with the Legend of Robin Hood. But was Robin Hood fact or fiction? Well, a new book says the outlaw of Nottingham Forest was real, and that he was indeed generous towards the poor, and loathed the local sheriff. The book is written by Tammy Gagne and is called “Robin Hood (Fact or Fiction?)” – it is a pleasurable and fairly easy read, and I can therefore highly recommend it. A few things that are highlighted are the various folk tales told about this man, and that he keeps turning up in various texts throughout history. The accounts differ of course, and the date of birth is placed somewhere between 1100 and 1300. Is Robin Hood fact or fiction? He is a bit of both more likely. He did exist but may not have been as great a hero as later renditions of his life have made him out to be. Neither do any of the older descriptions of him mention anything about a Lady Marion, so she must be a later addition to the tale of Robin Hood. Do yourself a favour and read the book. It really is worth getting a full picture of the life of Robin Hood.

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