Folklore legends not to be dismissed

Folklore makes up a great part of storytelling moments in the UK. There are very many folklore legends mentioned in traditional tales. Perhaps you have heard about Drake’s Drum. The legend behind its popularity is a British naval hero of ancient times, Sir Francis Drake. In 1588, the legend fought against the Spanish Navy and won the battle. After he had passed on, it is believed that his battle snare drum was struck whenever England was in danger. Another legend is Wayland’s Smithy of the Pre-Saxon times. If a horse has lost a shoe, the traveller needs to leave a silver coin on the long barrow capstone. It is believed that the horse will be reshod overnight. Mother Lytham was a kind white witch who lent objects as long the borrower would return them within two days. A man once asked to borrow her cauldron. What happened next was interesting. Other folklore legends describe mythical creatures in real life. The Kelpie, for instance, is an aquatic spirit that changes its shape. People are warned that the spirit lures one to a watery death. Another legend that should not be forgotten is The Loch Ness Monster, the most famous of Mythical creatures spotted in real life. In the 6th century, the legend was said to have confronted St. Columbia, an Irish Saint.

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