Folklore Heroes That We Can Tell Our Children About

Folklore heroes are not just for entertainment purpose only. In fact, telling children about folklore heroes can be a good way to teach them about history and morals. Studying history can be boring for children so can the teaching of morals, but throw in the folktales and it becomes interesting, and the child will remember it. For instance, stories of Robin Hood can be an excellent way to learn about medieval England. The way it was ruled and why Robin Hood became an outlaw, can teach children history with some moral lessons. Red Riding Hood is another folklore, which can teach young girls courage. How the female character in the story overcomes all the hurdles, and also to be wary of danger is educational and fun. Folklore has grown up around the legend of King Arthur and Merlin, and it is fascinating to all ages. There have been numerous TV series, on the Arthurian legend, all with a slightly different perspective. If you get the chance, try and watch some of them. YouTube is a good place to start. Arthurian legends and the Knights of the round table are the subjects of many online games if you look you will find many Video games that allow children to access folklore while playing them. Another great way to introduce them to legends and folklore but remember to interact with them and help them understand what they are playing is all about.

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