Folk music facts

Here are some interesting folk music facts; Did you know that true folk music tells a story? Stories of war, of disaster and even of murder. Folk music is often sung by average everyday people, in addition to professional musicians. What is amazing about this style of music is that it tells a story, but it is based on an ‘unspoken’ blueprint and is told in chronological order from when the event happened, for example; Telling the story of someone’s life would proceed as birth, life, and death. There are so many more folk music facts that are really interesting, and worth the time of researching. Hana Mae Lee, from Pitch Perfect, is also a Korean folk singer. She even sang a Korean folk song when she was auditioning for her role as Lily Onakuramara in the movie. Many people have the wrong idea about folk music and assume it is an old genre of music. It has been around for an incredibly long time, yes, but it is still a genre of music that is very relevant today.

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