The best folk music in the UK

Folk music has existed since medieval times, and it’s based on local tradition. The biggest influence on folk music UK is Roy Harper. Born in 1941, he became a full-time musician in 1964. Since then he has released 32 albums. That’s a good number for someone with a 50-year career. Harper’s style of play is very distinctive, with long and lyrical compositions that can also be pretty complex. Some speculate this has to do with his love and interest in jazz music and the poet Keats. Roy Harper has won many awards, such as the MOJO Hero Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award, 2005 and 2013 respectively. Roy Harper’s 75th birthday tour took him to Clonakilty, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester, an amazing feat for his age. What about the best emerging folk music UK then? The Telegraph has made a list of the best albums of 2016 in folk music, so let’s take a look at the top three. There in third place, we have an album called Mortal Tides. Mortal Tides is a band created by teenagers. They have a bubbly enthusiasm towards music, which makes its presence known in the songs. In second place we have Ciaran Algar with an album called The Final Waltz. It is a solo album, and the style in which the songs have been captured is astounding, making the songs whirl in a unique way. The first place goes to a collection album, which had ten female musicians collaborating together to create songs that would reflect on separation. The album is called Songs of Separation Collective and is a great listen. Folk music tackles any issue be it emotional, political or social. So if you have never tried it, take a listen to one of these and enjoy some good music!

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