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Folk music and Folklore are entwined and represent the magic of culture. Culture is what bonds us as humans, it solidifies our existence, binds us in tradition. Folk music is the most brilliant music because it is part of a tradition of refinement. No masterpiece was created overnight and as folk means ‘people’; it is the handing down of skills, wisdom and traditional values that give folk music its ancient, enigmatic sounds. It is music written by people for people, to celebrate life with all its dimensions: sadness, joy, suffering, romance and more. Folklore is the passing down of the oral traditions, the stories of old, the supernatural tales that give the group its spiritual beliefs and philosophy. Folklore and folk music combine to represent the integrity of the culture of a group, and the connection that heritage gives the individual members of that group. Get back to your roots by enjoying the folk music local to you. Engage and help preserve the cultural environment you exist in by finding out where the ancestral sounds still abound and which stories of the old oral tradition still exist.

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